Twenty-One Days

20 Nov 17 Small Stone

I have begun a three-week tapping challenge as well as an intention to restart a personal practice of discovery—writing small stones, observations, noticing and committing to record ordinary moments as extraordinary sources of great beauty. I will add Miksang photography as contemplative practice. On Friday’s, I will observe Phenology, tracking the seasons’ ebb and flow in my side-yard, the pin oak and cottonwood copse.

I’m recommitting to my blog, Fragments and Thoughts, writing tiny prose poems and broken fragments without desiring attachment to any readers following, nor publication beyond the commitment to posting words found in the moment, musings to myself.

As I tap the letters forming these paragraphical intentions, the sun has broken through gray clouds over the city’s tallest building, The Seneca Nation Casino. Light and heat stream through the car’s windshield. It touches my skin with a warmth as comforting a hand cupped against my face.

About fragmentsandthoughts

A one-generation-off-the boat demi-Sicilian.
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