A Slow Internet


7 Jan 14

Small stone: The Internet is slow today, weighted with snow falling, dense, fog thick.

These Thoughts Don’t Mean Anything
Lesson 4 – A Course In Miracles

A different observation prompt, today: To watch my thoughts for a minute like passing clouds outside a second-story window. Some are a puffy cumulus, cotton floating with rounded with towers. Others are strung high, a tattered cirrus across the mind’s sky. An occasional nimbus cloud, ominous, dark, thunderous moves in, moody with lightening flickers. Other thoughts envelope the entire psyche, bruise it like stratus, everything feels gray, low and fog like.

The message is to let them all pass the way nature does, without an attempt to give them importance or relevance or keep them suspended in space.

This is training to recognize the difference between what has meaning (my inward environment) and what doesn’t, my outward environment.

This distinction is a major part of the course, important. I’m not expected to be proficient in the accomplishment. I’m a beginner, expected to falter.

About fragmentsandthoughts

A one-generation-off-the boat demi-Sicilian.
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