6 Jan 15
I Don’t Understand Anything I See
Lesson 3 – A Course in Miracles

I’ve replayed the lesson. Paused the recording. Jotted notes, fragmented bits of grappled comprehension. My dead mother’s in the background offering encouragement. “Third grade is the hardest for children.”

The objective: set aside all value judgements and simply see. At first, I understood that as perception. Then, as the brief–less than two minutes–lesson continued, two statements. Clear, eliminate thoughts of judgement and emotion towards anything within my sight line. Just view each as it appears.

Interpretation: Default to my master naturalist training, the field notes’ lessons in observed actions. Don’t include any words that contain or indicate human feelings. Show. Don’t tell. Example: The bird rapidly bobbed its head. Not: the bird is angry.

Everything ordinary, per lesson three, is open to study. Recalled: a creative writing lesson that everything ordinary is extraordinary. Plus, a revelation in noticing, what Satya Robin calls writing small stones, also descriptive, similar to other posts I’ve done over last year in this blog. Except I gave them a name–prose poems, tiny lyric essays. And, I attached intention: document my observations of the natural world, what captured my attention on an autodidactic journey into noticing, close objective seeing, with eloquent, clear, and vivid writing.

The labyrinth I’ve circled to this point is to the center of “I Am.” And what I am is the Eye of God. The credit to my understanding that goes to the U.S. Andersen book I read two years ago, Three Magic Words.

Conclusion to date: To see with godlike vision is an impossibility because of my lack of comprehension into Divine purpose; and my lack of understanding of the whole, the “big picture,” a default cliché. However, if I set aside judgement and emotion, I create an opening for understanding The Creator’s vision for the world. Enlightenment.

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