Choosing Words The Resolution


1 Jan 15

The intention to choose words with all its hopes, dreams and core desired feelings meant to actually be, do, feel, reflect and write Active, to become a better, more purposeful life participant, an observant writer, a documenter, a creative traveler and transcriber, a noticer of life, of nature, of self and synchronistic moments, this coming year, this 2015.

A word pillow enfolded, meaning lies bunched under my head. My new year’s beginning into Active has begun with little change. Lethargic from another poor night’s sleep, wrapped in a fluffy faux throw, dozing as a draft creeps around the sitting room. The back door slipped its latch, has blown open. Tea sits cold on the coffee table.

The clouds cast a leaden gray twilight. A solitary seagull tilts as it wings past. The wind knocks a planter box against the back of the house, bends bare branches in a cold dance. The ground has hardened, frost has sunken beneath the grass.

“We fall and get up. We fall and get up. We fall and get up.” The divine universe has answered through music emitted from a Bose speaker, the lyrical refrain from a movie sound track. The Good Lie.

About fragmentsandthoughts

A one-generation-off-the boat demi-Sicilian.
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