August Awake – Small Stone Challenge

August small stones noticing

31 July 2014

Storm clouds weighted gray on the southern horizon, a vapor mountain of collected rain. The sun still shines in contrast, highlights the stillness in the leaves. Purple black grackles swarm the feeder, scatter black oil sunflower seeds.

1 August 14

Dandelion fluff, a tiny Sputnik drifts by. Crickets chirp in the grass. A squirrel with a horse chestnut in its mouth rushes past a yellow pesticide sign that warns: “do not to step on the grass for 24 hours.”

2 Aug 14
Sunlight reflected on sycamore leaves that flutter in front of the bleached sky. The robin languid in her nest, one nestling tucked against her ruddy breast.

Sky a watercolored wash of lavender, blue gray, and blush pink, a strawberry sorbet this evening.

3 Aug 14
Rain has dragged the clouds to the ground, fog-like they sag in the open spaces, a gray haze between the trees and the houses.


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A one-generation-off-the boat demi-Sicilian.
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