12 Things That Bring Me Joy On A Regular Basis

1. Seeing my deceased dad’s blue-gray eyes reflected in my mirror every morning and continuing in my sons’ faces.

2. How books make me invisible with an ability similar to mind reading, a meander through another person’s unguarded thoughts.

3. Seeing how all-shook-up-happy my dog, Elvis, is after a bath and every time I come home.

4. Fireflies blinking applause to the chorus of cicadas and spring peepers.

5. The red fox that trots the length of my side yard through the seasons, appearing and disappearing behind and between the garden’s perimeter beds.

6. When the full moon illuminates the winter landscape like a stage.

7. The promise heat lightening implies on a sticky summer night.

8. The first sentinel bird call that sounds as the wake up for songbirds’ every morning.

9. The river’s pewtered, tinctured surface in the predawn morning hours.

10. The way a falling star arcs the like an unfinished thought between galaxies.

11. The way Puppy breath and sharp tiny teeth are captured joy when I hold one in my arms.

12. The blue hour light that paints the world, turns trees into silhouettes and precedes deep twilight.

13. Thirteen, my favorite number, it’s also my birth day and how if you add the two digits together the sum is four, my second favorite number, which, I think, equals a complete, family. Mine.

14. How wind sounds like a memory, water falling as it ruffles the aspens’ leaves.

15. When leaves swirl across the road they sound like a conversation in a hurry.

About fragmentsandthoughts

A one-generation-off-the boat demi-Sicilian.
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