How To Create Something Great

When was the last time anyone asked you to create or do something great? I’m asking. I’m asking you to help us create something magnificent in Niagara Falls, NY and along the Niagara Gorge Rim. I’m asking each of you to fight for our shared legacy, the restoration of the world’s wonder, the natural landscapes at Niagara Falls, NY. I’m asking you to sign your name and address on the letter below and email it to the addresses provided. Then, reblog this request. Send it around the world. Thank you! Your private information will only be seen by the four people you email:,,,

Email Subject line: Robert Moses Parkway

Mr. Tom Donohue
Niagara Gorge Corridor Project
40 LaRiviere Suite 350
Buffalo, NY 14202
March 6, 2013

Re: Alternative 6 / Total Removal
North Robert Moses Parkway Scoping

Dear Mr. Donohue:
The world is watching. We want something great done along the Niagara River Gorge Rim. Please add my name and support to the 2,000 plus petition signers and the 80 organizations ( that have already requested total removal of the gorge rim parkway and an ecological restoration which includes only a non motorized trail for active transportation pursuits–hiking, walking, bicycling and cross country skiing.

To add a road or extend Whirlpool Street, keeping motorized traffic along the rim mars the natural experience and defeats the eco-service benefits a complete restoration will bring. We know there are alternative roads to reach all the destinations to the north. Thank-you.

Your Name
Your Address

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