Fifty Things To Do

Day 48. I mailed my Fifty Things To Do list to The Brooklyn Art Library’s The Sunday Swap. The project “explores the idea of how geography, age and environment change the way people view the world.” The tension in participating creates its own ecotone edge. The idea of receiving a list from a stranger on the other side of the world or the country exhilarates, titillates, with the unknown possibilities. Yet, i hesitated as I slid my envelope into the mailbox outside the post office. What will they think? Will they read my list as plebeian or mundane? I’m eight again, in an elementary class, waiting to be picked for show and tell. Why does it still matter what a stranger may think? (Freudian slip, the lowercase I? I’m leaving it as posted.)

About fragmentsandthoughts

A one-generation-off-the boat demi-Sicilian.
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