Micro Hotel Room

Day 19. Micro Hotel Room

In a fourteen foot square, charcoal-gray room, two queen beds placed side by side, have two feet of space between them. Each bed’s one foot away from each side wall. At the bottom of the beds, a distance of four feet to the third wall. On that wall sits one desk with a single, armless, secretary’s chair, a two-drawer dresser with a wall mount flat television installed above it. On the dresser, a tiny, single-cup pod coffee maker sits in a black, metal mesh tray.

The five by five foot ceramic stone bathroom resembles a sailboat’s head. The shower’s not separate from toilet or sink by a shower door. There’s a cream colored shower curtain instead. Everything gets wet except for the wall mount sink, the backsplash ledge, and the wall-to-wall mirror behind the toilet and sink.

A sign posted on the bathroom wall suggests standing on the provided teak floor mat to keep feet dry.

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A one-generation-off-the boat demi-Sicilian.
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